I had spent years researching cocaine addiction because of my husband. I had read countless blogs, been to countless support groups, spent thousands on books and research that may just give me some insight into my husband’s cocaine addiction. 

Jason had done the rehab thing. 4 times in two years, and just over R200000 (two hundred thousand rand)  later. Each time he came out full of hope and promises. Each time within a few days, and at most a few weeks, of coming home he was using again.

I had given up on our marriage, given up on him. It was as if no-one could help him. I had called an attorney to start divorce proceedings, and being a family friend, he told me to give it one more try. “Have you tried everything, I mean everything, to save your marriage?” he asked me. I said yes, for sure, of course. He slid a card over the desk. “You are not alone. Go check out these guys. They helped me. Maybe they can help you. If they can’t, I’ll set up the papers immediately…”  

I left his office a bit confused. I got home and called the number on the card anyway - I had nothing to lose. A friendly voice answered and I once again poured my heart out to this stranger about Jason’s addiction.

Later that afternoon I sat in a coffee shop with Quintin from Anti Drug Alliance. He explained addiction to me in a way that I had never thought of. He explained the Clear Option treatment program to me, and also why rehab would not work for Jason. The program worked completely differently to anything I had ever heard, but it actually made sense! Their holistic approach was what made me sit up and listen. I realized that I had much to learn and change about myself , before I could deal with my husband’s addiction. 

I called Jason and told him about my meeting, and begged him just to talk to Quintin, which, after three days, he finally did. 

He came home after the meeting, and looked at me with the eyes of the Jason I had met 18 years ago. “I’m trying this,” he said, “but I’m not promising anything.” 

That was just over a year ago. Today, I have my “old” Jason back. It was not easy. The program lasted 4 months for us**, and they were the hardest 4 months of our lives.

I had to deal with the trauma of what Jason’s addiction had done to our family, to see the addiction as a condition, and also how to really support him through his recovery.

Jason learnt to live life on life’s terms. No more excuses. He had a therapist and a recovery coach. Between Jason, the team and me, his addiction had nowhere to hide. Yes, we still have arguments (which couple doesn't?), but now they are about real issues, not made up ones just so he can leave the house to use. It’s been a struggle, but we are getting there, and I know we will make it, because now there is just me and Jason, and not his other wife - his addiction!

Without the Clear Option, I would have no other option, thank you guys so much!

*Jane asked that in order to protect their privacy, that her and her husband’s identity be changed.

**Individual needs may differ.

"I got my son back. Rehab simply did not work for him. We realised that the fourth time. After his last arrest, I was at my wit's end, and was on Google searching for  anything and anyone that could help him. Thank God I found ADA. I had no tears left. No emotion. My husband and I were on the brink of divorce. ADA handled us as a family. It was so hard in the beginning, but so worth it in the end."

Sharon H.

"I'm 21 now. I first started using when I was 16 cause I wanted to feel great and fit in with my mates. It got hectic and out of control. I started stealing my mom and dad's stuff and pawning it. I got arrested like 8 times for possession. I went to 3 rehabs and none of them actually got me, if you know what I mean? So then one day my mom took me to Quin at The Clear Option. Finally a dude that understood! Now, I'm back at varsity, and just heard my marks are so rocking that they want to give me a bursary! I'm styling thanks to the Clear Option!"

Wayne S. 

"The Clear Option Program saved my life, my family and my job."

Mohammed G. 

"I was addicted to prescription meds and Cat for over 8 years. Today, I am 2years clear, and life has never been better! Sure, I have bad days like anyone else, but now I can cope with these challenges without turning to drugs."

Sarah V.