• 08h00 to 17h00 – R195 per test
  • 17h00 to 08h00 – R295 per test

A call out fee of R55 is applicable for tests conducted between 00h00 and 08h00

All our testing technicians are trained Addiction Recovery Coaches as well and are able to assist you with advice on treatment of addiction. 

Test 24 is our 24-hour mobile testing service.

Often times you are faced with a problem of a loved one, partner, spouse or employee that you suspect may be under the influence of, or has ingested an illicit or illegal substance.

Your teenager arrives home in the early hours of the morning and is acting strangely.

Your employee is constantly late, “sick” and has changed dramatically over the past while.

You suspect a loved one of doing drugs.

Our mobile testing unit will come to you, and conduct the test on your premises, quickly, efficiently and professionally.

Results are available in minutes, and full reporting is given.

Call 081 577 7715