Motivational Talks

If it’s the truth, the real truth, about drugs that you want, and to hear a life story that will keep you on the edge of your seat, then you simply have to book Quintin van Kerken, Founder of ADA-SA.

Quintin has shared his story with many hundreds of thousands of people, has appeared on television and radio countless times, and has been in many hundreds of newspaper and magazine articles speaking about drugs and addiction.

Quintin has been touted by the media as being one of the foremost experts in the field of drugs and addiction in South Africa. Quintin’s story leads you through the dirty underworld of gangsterism, crime, drug trafficking, addiction and ultimately how he turned his back on that world.

What have others said about his story:

“I had an idea about where drugs may lead, but never knew the real facts the way Quintin gave them.” Jenny C, scholar.

“Two of my friends actually vomited. I was crying. That was the most amazing talk I have ever heard! I will never touch drugs. EVER!” Luke G, university student.

“I sat there for 90 minutes and realised that this is the real thing. Drugs are everywhere, addiction is real. I think every mother and father should hear this. As a mother, I now know that I actually knew nothing about drugs or addiction until today.” Cheryl M, mom and business owner.

“When we booked Quintin as a key note speaker at our management function, we were unaware just how amazing his talk would actually be. As a business owner and parent, this talk blew me out of the water! I have never seen anyone hold the crowd the way he did. You could hear a pin drop on the carpet.  We have had countless motivational speakers, but this is one speaker I will always remember as being the very best I have ever seen.” Eric D, CEO.


To book Quintin as a key note speaker at your next function, to speak at your school or church, at ladies’ teas or at fund raising functions, please send an email to or call 0815777715


Fee Structure

Should your company or organisation have the Substance Abuse Cover or Assist products please note that fees for Power Hour Talks or any other talks or seminars may differ substantially to the below prices as you will qualify for discount. 

School Talks: R2 per pupil with a minimum fee of R2500. Travel and accommodation fees will be charged for schools outside of Gauteng.

Power Hour Corporate Talks R3000

Motivational Talks (Seminars / Corporate / Other) R4950 excl travel and accommodation