Special Services

We offer a wide range of specialized services which include:

  • Hostage Negotiation - Should a loved one be held by dealers, use this service to ensure their return.
  • Interventions
  • Transportation to rehabilitation - Should your loved one have to be transported to any rehabilitation centre countrywide, we offer a safe journey for them.
  • Drug Testing - we offer a wide variety of testing services. Click here for more info.
  • Detox - We can arrange for professionals to assist in the detoxification process (opiate based drugs). Due to the extreme and often dangerous nature of this process, we reserve the right to assess the situation and refer the person elsewhere should it be necessary. As all situations differ, there is always a small percentage of people that do not succeed in this process, and continue to use drugs afterwards. We cannot hold any responsibility for a failed detox.


Please contact us for charges on Intervention and Hostage Negotiation, and Detoxifications as fees may differ for each case, and may change due to pricing increases in fuel, transportation and other factors such as third party service providers pricing fluctuations that are beyond our control.

Other Fees

  1. Call out fee - office hours - R495.00 plus AA travel rates per km.
  2. Call out fee - after hours - R695.00 plus AA travel rates per km.
  3. Consultation fee R750.00 per hour or part thereof.

Doing business with us? Please read our terms and conditions.

Things you should know.

  • The Anti Drug Alliance cannot force any person to attend any treatment program, however, we will do our very best to convince the person to go willingly.
  • The Anti Drug Alliance is not responsible for the person once they have been handed over to the care of the rehabilitation center or program.
  • The Anti Drug Alliance urges you to seek a Section 21 for the person going to rehab in order to keep them there. However, even with a Section 21 order, the treatment facility may not hold the person against their will. The person may leave, however, the police will be informed and the course of the law will take place.
  • The Anti Drug Alliance will not accept any responsibility for the patient's actions once they have been handed to the treatment facility.
  • Any and all payments to the Anti Drug Alliance, are completely non-refundable. Full payment constitutes agreement to this.
  • The Anti Drug Alliance cannot guarantee the successful outcome of any intervention, detoxification or any other service offered.
  • Other terms and conditions may apply, please remember that each situation is unique and carries its own risks and factors that may affect it. It is your responsibility to enquire about these risks and factors and make an appropriate decision based on all the factors.