About Us

The Anti Drug Alliance has been called THE experts on drugs and addiction in South Africa.

Our dynamic team has many decades of combined experience in addiction, treatment, research, consulting and advocacy. We strive to offer the public a realistic view of drugs and addiction in South Africa, and are called on often by the media to comment on current news.

We have appeared on every major television news channel, every major radio station and in every major newspaper in the country. We have also appeared on several international news shows in the USA and in Europe.

We have consulted to some of the biggest JSE listed and unlisted companies in South Africa with regards to substance abuse in their businesses.

We offer a wide variety of other services to companies, businesses and educational facilities such as drug testing, and wellness consulting and implementation.

We have educated over 1 million school children about the dangers of drugs and addiction in the past 7 years, and plan on tripling that figure the next seven years.

We have touched countless lives through our counselling training initiatives, and continue to do so on a daily basis.

The Anti Drug Alliance South Africa. Real help right now.