The Journey of Life is a specialised addiction recovery program for teens, specifically rebooted for young people with addiction problems that are looking for a effective and sustainable way to achieve recovery.

If you are looking for an addiction recovery program for people over 18 please click HERE.

The program, which is based on the Clear Option© methodology of addiction recovery, aims to bring the addict into a place where they can find a life filled with strength, independence, fulfilment and sobriety.

The 8 week program is designed to work hard and fast, and is aimed at addicts who WANT to quit, and find a way to sustain their recovery.

The program covers a massive variety of topics such as, Anger Management, Self Esteem, Emotional Development, Modifying Thought, Stress Management, Self Awareness, Overcoming Denial, Becoming the change you want, Choosing health, Family dynamics, Overcoming triggers and Overcoming depression and anxiety, to name but a few.

During the 8 week intensive program, a recovery coach will lead you to a path of success that you never thought was possible! You will learn what addiction actually is, and how to successfully overcome your addiction.

The program offers the best of both worlds – individual sessions with your recovery coach every week, and weekly group sessions that are led by the recovery coach, where you and your group will discover more about yourselves, addiction and recovery than you ever thought was possible!

We don't step. We leap.

The Journey of Life is NOT a 12 step based program. While we have to give credit to those type of programs, we know that they are outdated, inefficient and many times completely unsuccessful.

The Clear Option © way of doing things is very different. We believe that you are a strong, independent, amazing person that has made some bad decisions regarding your life, and those decisions left you in a place where you feel hopeless, helpless and alone. Our program will help you become the person you want to be – strong, independent, fulfilled, sober and amazing!

Our program is designed for teens that have an addiction.

Program duration is 8 weeks and is out-patient based.


The fees for the Journey of Life (JOL) Program are R7500.

For more information, fill in the contact form, or call 

HEAD OFFICE 081 577 7715
JOHANNESBURG 079 424 7865
CAPE TOWN 072 400 8239 
KZN 061 473 024

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