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Welcome to the Anti Drug Alliance South Africa.

We are an organization that is committed to educating the South African public about the dangers of substance abuse and addiction.

Our organization is passionate about telling the public the truth about substance abuse and addiction. In doing so, we hope to eradicate the stigma that many people suffering from addiction feel and change the perception of society about addiction.

Our organization has several fields that we focus on such as treatment, testing, advocacy, research and education.

We have a national footprint in South Africa, with three regional offices coordinating our operations throughout the country.

We believe:

  • That addiction is a treatable condition, and not a disease.

  • That someone is clear instead of clean. By asking how long someone has been clean, it implies they were dirty to begin with. Most addicts look just like you and me, and bath on a daily basis. Clear implies just that – an addict can become clear from drugs, and someone who has never been addicted is clear.

  • We are all about changing the perception and stigmatization of addiction.

  • The public deserves to know the truth about drugs and addiction in South Africa, no matter what.

The South African media have dubbed our founder and Chief Executive Officer, Quintin van Kerken as one of the foremost experts on drugs and addiction in South Africa, and we have been in hundreds of newspaper articles, radio interviews and television interviews, both locally and internationally.

Countless companies, schools and private individuals turn to us every day to assist them in helping those that need help. We offer a number of treatment options, consult on Substance Abuse Policies, deliver dynamic courses, train up people in the Clear Option method of treating addiction, advocate changes in the law to with regards to substance abuse and addiction, research the very latest trends regarding drugs and addiction, and educate the public and schools via this website and a number of roadshows and motivational talks throughout the year.

We are a registered as a Non Profit Organisation.

Looking for the At What Cost Report? CLICK HERE to download it now. 

Although the greatest care is taken to ensure that all the information contained on this website is correct and up to date,  mistakes do happen. We cannot be held responsible for any errors and or omissions. As with any other intervention or treatment program, no guarantee of any nature whatsoever (explicit or implied) are given by The Clear Option Addiction Treatment Program or ADA-SA, its management, representatives, staff or authorized service providers as to the successful outcome or otherwise of its dependency or addiction programs or any other services offered.  Any and all payments to the Anti Drug Alliance, are completely non-refundable. Payment constitutes agreement to this.  The ADA-SA logo, the wording "Real Help Right Now" and "It's time for change", IARCT and Clear Option Logo are all trademarks of the Anti Drug Alliance of South Africa.  Unauthorised use of the aforementioned, or of our NPO number to raise funds without our explicit written consent and full cooperation will lead to legal action. ADA-SA is a registered Non Profit Organisation, with NPO number 087-815 and is registered with in the Rehabilitation Sector. Site t's & c'STerms and conditions of doing business with us. 

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